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What is a design?

A design is what makes an article eye-catching and interesting. Thus, it adds to the business worth of a product and will increase its marketability. When a design is confined, the owner i.e. the person or entity that has registered the design is guaranteed an exclusive right aligned with unauthorized repetition or simulation of the design by third parties.

This helps to make sure that the design of the products is elite to the owner and also the client will directly recognize the design of the product as that of the owner. Design protection doesn’t protect a technique of operation.

It simply protects features which are apparent and observable in the normal use of the article. A design registration doesn’t stop others from producing a product having the similar functions to a product embodying the design however it avert others from applying the same design features to products.

Any person, who claims to be the owner of a new or original design that is not previously published in India, can apply for registration of design. For the purpose of registration, goods are classified into fourteen classes. The applicant may include in the application, a brief statement of the novelty he claims for the design. If the application is in order and satisfies all requirements of the Designs Act and the Rules, the Controller will register the design.Registration of designs is done by the Patent Office at Calcutta.